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Posted by Janay on 4/18/2017 to How 2
We strive for excellence in our design files from the very beginning, but at times older designs and fonts need attention after release. Sometimes it's to add new sizes or additional files (like numbers and punctuation), sometimes it's to fix a small error, other times we want to bring older designs (digitized in different software) up to our current standards and completely start over from scratch. Whatever the reason, we announce the updates in our newsletter, on our Facebook Page and in our Facebook Group. In case you miss one of those announcements, we will keep a comprehensive list here in chronological order. 

If you are logged into your account first, when you click the links to any of the fonts below, a previous purchase warning will appear at the top of any font you already own with a direct link to that order number. Full directions for how the alert works can be found here: How 2 Avoid Repurchasing a Design
(If you purchased one of these fonts via our Etsy Shop, download links cannot be updated on past orders. Please send us a Convo on Etsy with your order number and preferred machine format, and we can email the updated files to you.)

Font updates: 

ALL embroidery fonts (regular alphabets) received new zips. The design files were renamed, then sorted by machine format, then subdivided by size. New full alphabet and font name images were added, and most importantly BX files were added. Also at that time: 
Razzle gained new sizes 
Jelly Bean gained new sizes 
Madison gained new sizes 
Whimsey gained new sizes 
Rockford was completely updated 

Most Embroidery Monograms received new zips. The design files were renamed, then sorted by machine format, then subdivided by size. New full alphabet and font name images were added, and most importantly BX files were added. Also at that time: 
Natural Circle was updated 

Fancy Circle Small and Fancy Circle Large were both completely updated: 
  • The smallest size is now 1.5" instead of 1.75". 
  • The letters were thickened up a bit. 
  • The satin/satin fill setting on the larger sizes were adjusted: the 4.5" size is completely satin stitch, and the 5.5" and larger sizes have a consistent split satin fill through most of the letter. 
  • The right letters of Fancy Circle were completely redrawn! The original artwork for this font consistently has the right letters smaller than the left. Because that caused some letter placement issues, we shortened tails and increased the size of the body of the letter to better match its left counterpart. 
  • BX files for use with Embrilliance were added

Natural Circle Applique Monogram replaced our older Circle Applique monogram, which was based on a different circle font. Letter shapes now match our Natural Circle Embroidery Monogram


Sticks updated: thicker satin stitch, numbers and partial punctuation added


Barnyard updated: additional sizes; numbers and partial punctuation added

Nick updated: additional sizes; numbers and partial punctuation added

Ziggy updated: additional sizes 

Dollhouse updated: additional sizes; numbers and partial punctuation added

Teen Girlz updated: additional sizes; capital letters, numbers and partial punctuation added 

Teen Girlz appliqué alphabet updated: additional sizes; capital letters added 

Mr Darcy new half-inch size; numbers and punctuation added to all sizes 

Kiss Me Slowly (formerly known as Swirly) updated: additional sizes; punctuation added

Magnolia Sky lowercase r updated in all sizes

Silly Monkey updated: additional sizes; partial punctuation added 

Empress Monogram (small sizes) updated: new 1" size and frames added

Payphone updated: additional sizes, numbers and punctuation added

Varsity updated: additional sizes, pound sign added

Jack and Jill updated: numbers and punctuation added

Jelly Bean updated: numbers and punctuation added

Marker updated: additional sizes, numbers and punctuation added

Typewriter updated: additional size, numbers and punctuation added

Whimsey Applique Alphabet updated: additional sizes, wider satin stitch width


Brick House (formerly Lego House) updated: renamed, punctuation added

Wacky Applique Alphabet updated: new sizes, wider satin stitches

French Script updated: additional sizes, lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation added

Heart Maze Bean updated: quarter-inch size added

Xiomara Script updated: lowercase r reshaped

Double Varsity Applique updated: BX added, satin stitch width increased, new 7" size

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