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How 2 Use the BX format with Embrilliance

Posted by Janay on 3/14/2014 to How 2
How 2 Use the BX format with Embrilliance

Do you love fonts from The Itch 2 Stitch, but grow weary of merging individual letter files to create text designs? Type your text using our embroidery fonts instead! The zip files for our embroidery fonts* contain BX installation files so that you can type our fonts in free software from Embrilliance!

We offer step-by-step directions in three ways:

1. A PDF is included in the BX folder in each font's zip file. 

2. How-to videos posted on our YouTube channel.

3. Follow the directions below!

Step 1

Download Embrilliance Express for your operating system from the Embrilliance website. YES they offer this free program to BOTH Mac and PC owners! YES, it is FREE, no strings attached! 

Visit Embrilliance.com and click on the "downloads" link. Download the full "Embrilliance Platform" for either Mac or Windows.

After downloading the program, please install. When you open the program, you will be prompted to either enter in a serial number (if you have purchased an Embrilliance Product) OR to continue using the program in Express mode simply leave the box empty and click "Done".

Embrilliance Express mode will provide you the interface to use the alphabet designs that you have just purchased as a keyboard font. 

Step 2

The next step is adding the font to this program. Once you have the program installed, you can EITHER drag and drop the BX file onto the open workspace OR double click on the BX file and it will automatically open and install into Embrilliance.

Please note that you cannot install BX files while they are sitting in a zip file. You will first need to extract the files from the zip before dragging into Embrilliance. Full directions for extracting files can be found here: How to Save and Extract Designs. Alternatively, you can drag the BX files from the zip to your desktop, then drag them into Embrilliance

Step 3

Now that your font is installed, you may use it to create lettering designs. Click the “A” on the toolbar, toward the far right. This will add a lettering design with the letters “ABC”. 

You can now use the Properties window to the right (click on the Letters tab) to change the font and type in the text you want. The Help menu has more specific instructions on using the fonts. 

You can create multi-line text, circle text and even spiral text. You can adjust letter and word spacing as well as stitch order. Using the handles on the letters, you can adjust individual letter positions and more! 

Step 4

Save your design with a new name and select your machine format.

Amazing right?! NO MORE MERGING!

Want to try it yourself for free? FREE BX files for our Marker font (in six sizes) can now be found at DesignsByJuJu.com!

FREE Punctuation BX Files are also available:

The zip contains six BX installation files. You will need to extract the files first before installing into Embrilliance, as stated above. 

We hope you find this as fantastic as we do. Have fun! 

*at this time all of our Embroidery Fonts and Monogram Fonts are completed. Applique Fonts are still a work in progress -- the sets that have been updated will include BX in the list of included formats. 

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