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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is your site closed?
A. Yes! The Itch 2 Stitch is moving to Designs by JuJu! This site is closed to new orders effective 2/8/2022. Soon you will be able to purchase our designs on https://www.designsbyjuju.com/

Q. Can I still download my past purchases?
A. YES! This site will remain open through December 2022 so you can download past purchases. If you no longer have your email invoices with download links, you can download directly from your order history. See this blog post for step-by-step directions:
PLEASE be sure to download all of your purchases and back them up because your order history will NOT transfer to the Designs by JuJu website.

Q. I'm having trouble, who do I contact?
A. We will still provide customer service through December 2022 via this website, so you may fill out the contact form
Q. Can I use your photos?
A. The Itch 2 Stitch owns the copyright to ALL files and photos. You may use any of our photos (as long as the watermark is NOT removed) to show designs available in albums on Facebook, blogs, etc. We recommend adding verbiage that it is a stock photo and the fabrics/fonts you use will vary. However, we strongly discourage using our images on Etsy listings, etc. The photos you upload there should be representative of your own work.

Copyright Statement:

When you purchased our products, you agreed to the following terms of use that are still in effect:

  • You MAY use our designs and fonts to embroider finished items for personal use, gifts, and finished products you sell.
  • You may NOT use our designs to make heat transfers.
  • You may NOT use our designs to make vinyl designs.
  • You may NOT transfer, share or sell our design files to ANYONE.
  • You may NOT use ANY part of our designs to create your own embroidery design file to sell or give away to other embroiderers.
  • You may NOT use our fonts to create your own embroidery design file to sell or give away to other embroiderers.

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