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How 2 Maximize a Small Hoop by Rotating a Diamond Design 45 Degrees

Posted by Janay on 1/2/2015 to How 2
How 2 Maximize a Small Hoop by Rotating a Diamond Design 45 Degrees
As designed, the 6” size of Elegant Scroll Monogram is about 6” tall and 6” wide, so it is too big for the 5x7 hoop. However, by rotating the design 45 degrees in software and careful hooping, you can stitch the 6” monogram in a 5x7 hoop! (You can also use this technique to stitch the 5” size in a 4x4 hoop and the 7” and 8” sizes in the 6x10 hoop -- please see details and disclaimers at the end.)

You can rotate the design in the software of your choice. If you do not have embroidery editing software, then you can use the included BX installer files with free software from Embrilliance to do it, which is what I will use below. (Full details for downloading the software, installing the BX files and creating lettering objects can be found here: http://www.theitch2stitch.com/How-2-Use-the-BX-format-with-Embrilliance_b_6.html). 

First, make sure your hoop is set to the 5x7 hoop. Click the yellow button to open the Preferences Window, then under Environment -> Hoops select the 130x180mm PES hoop (or the proper hoop for your embroidery machine).

Click the A button to create a lettering object. Type the letter you want and select I2SElegantScroll 6in.  You will see that it extends beyond the 5x7 hoop size.

Type “45” in the degree box at the top and hit enter. Now your monogram fits! Hit the “Center” button to make sure it is centered in the hoop.

Then "Save As" a new name (I chose I2SElegantScroll_6in rotated.PES) and select your preferred machine format. 

Now print a template. Under File->Print, select from pages 1 of 1, and print. 

Trim the template out and lay it down on your item exactly where you want it. 

Now lay your hoop template over the printout, aligning the center marks perfectly. 

Slide out the paper without moving the template and use a water soluble marking pen to mark the dots in the template. 

Now hoop the stabilizer of your choice. Use the template to mark those same spots on the stabilizer. 

Spray stabilizer with adhesive:

Then use the dots on both the scarf and the stabilizer to perfectly align it. I lay my hoop on a pressing mat and use straight pins to make sure it’s in the exact right spot. 

Then pin the scarf to the stabilizer outside of the stitching area. 

Before hitting start on the machine, make sure the design is oriented the right way so your letter isn’t upside down :) 

Remove stabilizer and marked points, then admire your perfectly executed LARGE monogram! 

I was able to add the 8" J to my own Christmas PJs on my old single needle!

The information above is for the traditional Brother hoops: 4x4 is 100x100mm, 5x7 is 130x180mm, 6x10 is 160x260mm. Depending on your machine brand/model, your hoop dimensions may vary and different sizes of the Elegant Scroll monogram may or may not fit.
The 5" A design rotated 45 degrees is 98.9mm
The 6" A design rotated 45 degrees is 118.4mm
The 7" A design rotated 45 degrees is 138.5mm
The 8" A design rotated 45 degrees is 155.2mm

Elegant Scroll Small includes 2", 3", 4" and 5" sizes:

Elegant Scroll Large includes 6", 7" and 8" sizes:

I have been a single-needle user for nearly eight years. 99% of the time I only hoop stabilizer and use adhesive spray/pins to attach my item to the hoop. I personally find this the easiest way for me to perfectly place designs and get large designs on tiny items. I hoop medium weight tearaway, and on wearables I fuse a layer of polymesh to the item before hooping. However, for perfect stabilization it is always best to hoop your item with cutaway. Proceed at your own risk. If you have never used this technique, please practice before embroidering on an expensive blank. You will note that my hoops are ugly from spray adhesive buildup... that is a side effect of this technique :)

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