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How 2 Avoid Repurchasing a Design

Posted by Janay on 2/6/2014 to How 2
How 2 Avoid Repurchasing a Design
When you are logged into your account on our website, you will see an alert on the design page for the designs that you have already purchased! This warning will only appear on the design page, NOT in your shopping cart. And you MUST be logged in for it to appear -- obviously our site cannot tell you what you have bought previously if you do not tell our site who you are :)

Here's how it works! When you arrive to our site, FIRST click on "My Account"

When prompted, log in:

Now begin browsing. Please note that NO warning appears in the category section (nor in a search results list). It may be tempting to simply hit the "Add to Cart" button, but if you want to see whether you have already purchased this design, please click on the design for more details.

If you have in fact purchased the design in a previous order, this alert will appear above the design image:

If you click on the "View this order" link, it will take you right to your order history where you can redownload if need be!

It's as easy as that!

If you choose to add a design to your cart that you have already purchased, you will NOT be warned again. There will be NO warning in your shopping cart.

Now, let's say you have filled your cart with designs without logging in first. You will have to log in before completing order. You will NOT see a warning in your shopping cart:

But you can go back and verify previous purchases BEFORE checking out. You will need to click on each item in your cart and check the individual design pages to see if you have purchased the designs previously.

* If you have ordered designs in the past under an additional account created with a different email address, warnings will not appear. The warnings ONLY appear for designs purchased on the account you are currently logged into.
* The warning will only appear for designs purchased on THIS website. If you ordered I2S designs from our old site (before August 2011), SWAK or Etsy, those purchases are not associated with your account on our current site. Please check your downloads or refer to those invoices.
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